Mice, Rat, & Rodent Control

Although mice, rats, and other rodents aren’t as good at hiding as bed bugs or termites, they are probably better than you might think. If you might have found yourself with some unwanted visitors, give The Pest & Termite Pros a call and we will send out a building inspector the same day to give you an evaluation.

Proper Inspection

Although a full blown infestation is rare, if any signs of rodents are found in your home it is best to have a professional pest control service like us come out and check out the home or building. If left alone or unnoticed, breeding might get out of control and make the problem even worse and harder to maintain.

Do it yourself pest control methods and supplies might be a little more practical to get rid of mice than other pests but it still requires some knowledge on their tendencies. They can hide in places that you might not believe and you have to really know exactly where and what you are looking for.


Proper Treatment

If you think you have a few critters hiding around your home but find yourself waking up to empty mouse or rat traps and your rat poison that was laid out is untouched then you might not be looking in the right places.

Like the others, you have to know how mice and rats behave in order to find them and and implement proper treatment. Rat repellent might be enough if you know where and how to apply it and getting rid of mice doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think.

Maybe you haven’t found an infestation but want to learn more about preventative pest control methods. If this is the case we will still send out a building inspector to give you a fair and honest evaluation and show you the proper ways of controlling rodents.