You won’t find another exterminator that is as knowledgeable and experienced in everything and anything pest control in addition to being some of the friendliest and most professional guys in the business as us here at Pest & Termite Pros.

We can proudly say we are a family owned and operated company that specializes in the following treatments:

This are just a small list of some of the more common calls we get but over the years we have worked with and treated them all. If you have a critter invading your home or property that you don’t see on the list give us a call and I assure you we can put your mind at ease and life back to normal.

Why Go With Us?

We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to pest control companies and this is a business that needs to get their job right the first time. Unwanted guests in anyone’s home can feel invasive and we work faster and more effectively than any other exterminators around to make sure that this whole process is done and over with as soon as possible to get your life back to normal.


Safe and Effective; The First Time

Although we do offer DIY pest control supplies, hiring a professional is often required even after treatment is applied because in order to eliminate pests effectively, you have to know their tendencies and behaviors.

Anyone can learn how to kill bed bugs, but it is another story to get rid of bed bugs for good. The problem with over the counter pesticides, insecticide, and common insect repellents is that they were designed to do just that; repel and not eliminate.

Sure, a couple of applications of termidor or rat poison can get rid of any visible invaders but this same application will not get rid of all of the potential creatures and bugs hiding in your walls or even light sockets!

That is why we only hire staff that not only has experience in the field, but the knowledge it takes to handle any infestation correctly and effectively the first time.

And don’t worry; our home inspector won’t leave without telling you everything you need to know in regards to preventive pest control and what you should do to make sure we never have to come back!

Free Estimates!

We know how uncomfortable this can be which is why we work to be one of the fastest working exterminators around.

You read that correctly; we will be happy to send out a building inspector of ours any time of the day and any day of the week to check out any and all bug, rodent, or other animal problems you might be facing and he will give you a fair, honest, and free estimate on what the best methods for effective treatment will be.

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